Business consultancy to non-Japanese businesses with video-related technology products and solutions

ZAKKA MEKKA Inc. provides professional support services to media technology companies mainly in the Silicon Valley area that desire to expand their business to the Japanese market. In addition to finding and introducing distributor candidates best suited to the product range, ZAKKA MEKKA provides a comprehensive support starting from providing necessary information to set up a Japanese subsidiary, the actual process of the setting-up through the moment when the subsidiary successfully begins its operation in Japan. Responding to your requests and questions such as financial matters to consider, requirements on the sales, marketing or promotion teams, distribution channels or how to find adequate staff, we identify and flexibly provide necessary information, people or other intangibles and tangibles that paves road to a successful business in Japan.

ZAKKA MEKKA also connects Japanese businesses with media-related products to various partners outside Japan (mainly European/North American companies) for possible distribution arrangements.

Planning and business development including overseas industry tours

ZAKKA MEKKA acts as a coordinator between Japanese corporations engaged in planning and/or developing for new business activities, searching for technology partners or research activities for new markets and their target foreign businesses. We also support organizations that provide group tours to trade shows as well as conferences in the entertainment and video arena.

Promotional events, campaigns and other sales promotional activities

ZAKKA MEKKA is a seasoned facilitator that can provide one-stop-shopping support services to event promoters both in Japan and overseas. The services cover any event-related activities including booth designs, constructions, operation as well as itineraries for the event staff. We also help produce promotional items used in various sales campaigns and related activities. Businesses based outside Japan will find ZAKKA MEKKA particularly helpful as we are capable of producing localized promotional videos, product brochures and other various documents from their originals.