production & post
Speed, accuracy, cost and space are critical-path in every project’s timeline. Editors, colorists and audio mixmasters can show their work within their specialized working rooms - but what about everyone else in the production team and the post pipeline? Those rooms are expensive or scarce, and those highly skilled people are busy editing, coloring, mixing. Executives, creatives, researchers, customer support, quality control and everyone else in the workflow wants a more appropriately priced – and easier to use – precision player to see and hear production, post and mastering work-in-progress – anywhere they work.
File based workflow is great but the traditional videotape player has its advantages especially for broadcasters. Now that videotape players are at their end of life, and the broadcaster’s workflow has been perfected over decades of practice — Wouldn’t it be great to just pull a VTR out of its rack space and slide in a less-costly replacement that does the same things and more? Sony 9 pin remote control, all formats so no time lost in transcoding, SDI with VANC insertion, caption viewing on the desktop, ffw/rew/slow sound, accurate audio sync, and essential test patterns always included.
Formats, formats, formats! Hundreds in everyday use. Audio stacks and captioning. Distribution targets ranging from 4k theatrical all the way down to smartphones. Constant market innovation with no end in sight. Automation makes multi-format distribution cost-effective but there’s always a role for human judgment – executive, creative, standards and practices, quality control, customer support, tech planning, pipeline testing, troubleshooting. Instead of reaching for players for different formats, distributors have one precision player that works for everyone in the workflow – video QC, audio QC, screenings, executive offices, encoding experts, legal, customer support and beyond.
Engineers need a deep toolbox. We’re engineers too so we put tools in the player itself. Formats, standards and displays constantly evolve, so we made personal tech support key to our business. From any source, to any display, knowing when it's right. Metadata - deep reading, export. Save instant setups for all SDI types, TVs and RGB projectors. Find digital cliffs and audio issues with Advanced Test Suite patterns. Fit odd frame sizes into SDI. Remap audio with internal router, dBFS meters and channel mutes. Tune displays and systems with basic patterns included in every player.
We rely on fast and accurate access to masters – despite format proliferation, technology obsolescence, and never enough budget or tech support for a huge responsibility. Archivists need a simple, easy-to-use player for confirming assets are true and accurate copies of the original masters – including internal metadata consistency – as well as browse stations for their users. One player for all master and distribution formats – for their own desk as well as the exhibitor’s best dreams. Simple metadata extraction for databases. Personal tech support from a vendor who understands. Know when it’s right.
Creative video is hard to make, but should be easy to play. So many great new displays — Ultra High Definition, 4K — even projectors and HD TVs get better all the time. Don't sweat the details of HDMI, Quad SDI 3G, XYZ to RGB conversion, interlacing artifacts, audio sync, formats. One player for all display types and all formats. Personal tech support when you need it.